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Throw away your tick-list: No one's perfect.

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

A nanny answers questions on how to grow healthy girls into strong women.

What would you do or say if your partner tried to tell you what to wear or influence other personal choices, asked you to wear more/less make up, gain or lose weight etc?

When choosing a partner in life I would choose someone that accepts me for who I am and that it’s my decision what I do and what I wear. If I accept this person for who they are and what they decide, then I expect them to do the same for me. I would remind them of this if need be.

What are the essential features every girl should have?

The best thing about every person is that we are all different. There’s no tick list of features which makes us perfect and I personally embrace what are considered flaws because they make us unique. It’s those specialities that make us stand out and succeed instead of being lost in a crowd. When we embrace who we are there is no limit to how far we can go or how much we can achieve. The only limits are the ones that we put on ourselves.

What would you tell a girl if a boy pulls her hair?

The same thing if a girl pulled a boy’s hair. If you are old enough to know better then you can’t touch someone, physically, spiritually, or mentally without asking them first. Equally, it is important not to let someone else’s actions affect you. People will always try to dictate your life but it’s important you decide what is right for you, who is important to you and to listen to, to stand up for yourself and not to let anyone get you down.

Your first thought when you hear "a woman should".

A woman should know that she is strong and capable of anything, no matter what others will say.

There is a box of toys in front of you. There's a racing car, a lego set, kitchenware, a dinosaur and a doll. What would you rather choose to play with a girl and why?

Instead of choosing from five toys, why not go to a museum or library to learn which cars could race a cheetah, how many renowned artists use lego in their creations, which famous inventions were first tested in a kitchen, where did dinosaurs live, and which doll and toy companies support children’s rights as well as different ethnicities, shapes and sizes. Toys depend on a child’s age but every opportunity to play is an opportunity to learn a new skill or passion. Every minute is an opportunity to extend our knowledge and inspire a life that is bigger and more ambitious than we thought. When we learn more about the world we learn more about ourselves and when we are confident in ourselves and our abilities there is no limit to what we can achieve and how we can inspire others to dream big also.

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